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Every couple who makes an appointment at the CENTER FOR STEPFAMILY DEV ELOPMENT, during February, 2012, will receive two FREE books!  These books are valued at $20.00 each, a gift to each couple of $40.00.  Learn how other stepparents influenced the lives of these famous people.

WARM AND WONDERFUL STEPMOTHERS OF FAMOUS PEOPLE, by Sherry Wells, and DEDICATED DADS; STEPFATHERS OF FAMOUS PEOPLE, by Rusty Hancock.  Read the stories of famous people who had warm and loving stepmothers; Abraham Lincoln, Sinclair Lewis, Clark Gable, Chet Atkins, Jane and Peter Fonda, Sarah, Duchess of York, to name a few 

Learn about stepfathers who had a positive impact on their stepchildren who became famous; people like Booker T. Washington, Gerald Ford, Pearl Bailey, Nancy Reagan, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Luke Perry, Jeff Gordon and Shaquille O'Neal to peak your curiosity.

 Discover how these stepparents with love and accepting behavior towards their stepchildren, helped them become responsible adults.  

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Reading about stepfamilies will give you information and help about some of the issues you face in your own stepfamily. The CENTER FOR STEPFAMILY DEVELOPMENT has a few books for sale to assist you with some of these issues. Some of them are used books (from my personal library); therefore the price is lower than it would be if new. With the exception of "Strengthening Your Stepfamily", "The Wedding Was Great... but When Does Chuck Leave?" and the four booklet series of "Stepfamily Living", there is only one copy of each of the following books.

Ordering: Please add $3.00 for postage and handling to the posted price. Please send checks to the above address. If you have questions, call 208-322-2908, or email the Center at


Did you know that Buddha, John Audubon, Clark Gable, Jane and Peter Fonda, Oprah Winfrey, Sarah, Duchess of York and President Abraham Lincoln had stepmothers they adored? How about President Gerald Ford, his wife, Betty Ford, Nancy Reagan, Erma Bombeck, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, and Shaquille O'Neal....all had stepfathers whom they credit for having a huge positive influence on their lives! These books contain stories of love, encouragement, dedication and committment to these famous stepchildren. I've read both of these wonderful books and recommend you give one or both to stepparents you know are dedicated to the stepchildren in their lives. They're filled with stories of hope and success.

Both of these books have inspirational and amazing stories about famous people. Someone you know will be thrilled to receive this thoughtful gift.



Postage & handling for one book: $ 3.00
Postage & handling for two books: $ 5.00

ADVICE FOR A HAPPY MARRIAGE by Crawford and friends. This charming book is chock full of marital advice from Miss Dietz's third grade class. $ 8.00

BEST PARENT IS BOTH PARENTS edited by David Levy. This is a practical guide to shared parenting for divorcing or divorced parents. $10.00

CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE by Garrity and Baris. This is a "must have" if you are in a high conflict divorce and want to learn how to protect your children. $ 7.00

COURAGE TO HEAL by Bass and Davis. A guide for women survivors of child sexual abuse. $ 8.00

CREATIVE COUPLES by Denton and Denton. This book will help marriage partners make a good marriage even better! $ 7.00

DO I HAVE A DADDY? By Jeanne Lindsay. A "read to your child" story about a single parent child who inquires about a daddy he's never met or will meet. There is also a section where psychologists and counselors discuss ways to help children about totally absent fathers. Appropriate for ages 3-7 $ 6.00

GOOD DIVORCE by Constance Ahrons This book will help couples move beyond the confusing and terrifying stages of breakup and still meet the emotional and physical needs of their children. $13.00


GETTING IN TOUCH-INTIMACY by Maureen Burns. Practical ways to enrich your life through increased intimacy with your partner. $ 5.00

HELPING CHILDREN COPE WITH DIVORCE by Edward Teyber. You can help your children successfully adjust to divorce with this book. $10.00

HELPING CHILDREN OF DIVORCE by Susan Diamond. This book is a practical handbook to help teachers and single parents recognize and deal with the needs of children of divorce in the school setting. $10.00

HOW IT FEELS WHEN PARENTS DIVORCE by Jill Krementz. Nineteen boys and girls, from ages 7 to 16, shares their deepest feelings about their parents' divorce. $ 7.00

HOW TO MAKE IT AS A STEPFAMILY John & Emily Visher. Practical suggestions for any stepfamily. $10.00

I DIDN'T GROW UP TO BE A WICKED STEPMOTHER, by Marion Summers. A book to journal important stepmother thoughts. $10.00

I'M STILL YOUR MOTHER by Jane Adams. This warm, witty book is a common sense guide to creating a close, loving and healthy relationship with your adult children. $15.00

JOINT CUSTODY WITH A JERK by Ross and Corcoran. A hands-on guide to coping with custody issues that arise with an uncooperative ex-spouse. $13.00

MAKING IT AS A STEPPARENT by Claire Berman This is an excellent guide to help remarried couples understand that good intentions are no substitute for preparation and communication in a stepfamily. $12.00

MY WICKED STEPMOTHER by Leach and Browne. A delightful and sensitive "read to your child" book about a little boy who learns to love his stepmother. Appropriate for ages 3-9. $13.00

NOT-SO-WICKED STEPMOTHER by Lizi Boyd. Another "read to your child" story about a little girl who envisions a "wicked stepmother" but finds her stepmother is a warm, loving, fun person. Appropriate for ages 3-9. $ 4.00

STEPFAMILIES by Parent Club; handbook. A short, concise informative book of ways to make your stepfamily work successfully. $9.00

SECOND MARRIAGE. MAKE IT HAPPY! MAKE IT LAST! By Stuart and Jacobson. This book offers constructive information about having happiness in a second marriage. $13.00

SEPARATE HOUSES by Robert Shapiro. A practical guide for divorced parents on custody, visitation rights, holidays, and much more. $7.00

SEVEN STEPS TO BONDING WITH YOUR STEPCHILD by Ziegahn. This author offers advice for stepparents to help you be the successful stepparent you'd like to be. $12.00


10 copies of STRENGTHENING YOUR STEPFAMILY, by Elizabeth Einstein and Linda Albert. This is a book written by two stepparents..for stepparents about the joys and complexities of stepfamily living. $18.00

STEPPING AHEAD by the Stepfamily Association of America. Practical information on basic stepfamily issues. (2 copies in stock) $ 8.00

TALK ABOUT STRESS, by Marty Seidenfeld. And easy to ready, helpful book on stress management. $10.00

TOXIC PARENTS By Susan Forward. This book will help you overcome a hurtful legacy and help you reclaim your life. $15.00

YOU'RE A STEPPARENT.. NOW WHAT? By Joseph Cerquone Your stepchildren will benefit when you read this book about balancing your life in a stepfamily. $12.00

UNFINISHED BUSINESS, by Maggie Scarf. A national bestseller on women and depression 5.00

12 copies of THE WEDDING WAS GREAT BUT.. .WHEN DOES CHUCK LEAVE? By Charles Lund. A "must have" for stepfathers! $12.00

WHEN MOM AND DAD DIVORCE by Steven Nickman. Seven stories of kids experiencing divorce. These stories will help children better understand their own feelings when parents divorce. Appropriate for ages 7 to 12. $4.00

101 WAYS TO TELL YOUR CHILD "I LOVE YOU" by Vicki Lansky. $4.00
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